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Prophecy - The Australian Barking Owl

Prophecy - The Australian Barking Owl

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Talisman Bird Series limited edition hand-finished print. 


With extraordinarily powerful vision, the Barking Owl symbolises a deep connection to our own wisdom and intuitive selves, giving us the ability to see what is often hidden from view. The owl's spirit connects us to our personal truth and inner prophecy. Prophecy is the seventh in the Talisman Bird series, a collection of artworks created to invite the blessings of these sacred birds into our homes.


Prophecy has been illustrated in pastel, pencil and charcoal, taking great care in honour of this powerful bird.

Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic silver and white inks and comes hand-numbered and signed by Jimmi.

Talisman words written by Sheridan Buscombe.


All Prints are supplied unframed, however framing may be available for local clients. 


All Prophecy limited edition hand-finished prints are a limited edition of 50.


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    Please note: as this artwork requires hand-finishing by Jimmi, please contact us regarding shipping times.

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