Wombat’s energy is grounded, resilient and steadfast. With its powerful claws, wombat can burrow deep within the earth to create a safe and secret haven. He encourages us to dig deep within ourselves when feeling threatened and find a true sense of security and inner sanctum. Only when we are challenged do we truly discover our inner grit, determination and courage, and ultimately what it means to be Gutsy.


This highly detailed artwork of the now famous Warrnambool Wombat Gutsy, is based on the ABC South West viral video "The Accidental Wombat Mural of Warrnambool" which has now had over 55 million views (see website).

The original artwork of Gutsy has been carefully created by the mural's artist Jimmi Buscombe and is now available as a limited-edition print.  Each print comes signed and numbered by Jimmi. The sizes and stock available are: 

320mm x 450mm - FSC Certified 280gsm textured paper

420mm x 594mm - 320gsm OBA and acid free archival quality cotton-rag paper

560mm x 760mm - 320gsm OBA and acid free archival quality cotton-rag paper 

The following limited-editions are printed onto archival quality OBA and acid free 320gsm cotton rag paper. Great care is taken to ensure your print is of the highest quality.  Each is numbered and signed by Jimmi and comes with it's own symbolic 

blessing of the animal depicted.

The Talisman Bird Series limited editions

The Talisman Bird Series is a collection of artworks created to invite the 

blessings of these sacred birds into our home. Each comes with it's own unique blessing, reflecting the symbology of these majestic birds.


Each limited edition hand-finished print comes signed and numbered and all are available in various sizes.  Click on a print or visit the shop for more information.


One off personalised commissions are also available upon request.

The striking Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo represents a powerful spiritual symbol in Australian Dreaming and is often associated with auspicious outcomes including emotional freedom, joy, contentment and rain. The Black Cockatoo is considered a liberating energy, promoting a purity in expression and creativity whilst aiding in letting go of self judgement.  The Black Cockatoo teaches us that where we find our inspiration will be where we can fully connect to ourselves and be in true spirit.

In Spirit has been illustrated in pastel, pencil and charcoal, taking great care in honour of this powerful bird. Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic yellow & gold inks and comes hand-numbered and signed by Jimmi. 

With extraordinarily powerful vision, the Barking Owl symbolises a deep connection to our own wisdom and intuitive selves, giving us the ability to see what is often hidden from view. The owl's spirit connects us to our personal truth and inner prophecy.
Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic inks and comes hand signed and numbered by Jimmi.

According to Australian dreaming Galah’s breast is stained pink due to blood lost in battle. It is believed all Galahs carry the memory of both bravery and pain in their heart. Galah’s rose pink chest is also symbolically linked to the heart chakra, representative of love, self-compassion, trust and acceptance. Galah reminds us that when we live life whole-heartedly we will be provided with the opportunity to transform our pain into something of beauty. Galah reminds us to hold our bleeding heart with courage and self-compassion in order to fly free. 

Each limited edition print is hand-finished with soft pastel and comes hand signed and numbered by Jimmi.

The Kingfisher, admired for her stunning aquamarine & copper feathers, universally 

symbolises peace & prosperity. With her remarkable underwater vision, she invites us to Dive Deep & connect with the flow of our own magnifcent lives.

Each limited edition print is beautifully handfinished by Jimmi using metallic inks, capturing the Kingfisher's strikingly luminous plumage. Printed on archivable quality cotton paper, your personalised artwork comes individually signed & numbered by Jimmi.

The Superb Blue Fairy Wren moves with high energy and lightness, promoting playful self-belief & encouraging us to follow our heart's will whilst letting go of other’s expectations. 
He reminds us to trust our own feelings and allow them to guide us on our unique journey toward bliss. 
Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic blue & turquoise inks & comes hand signed & numbered by Jimmi. 
Original photograph taken by Donnacha Keniry. 

The White Peacock is a breathtakingly beautiful and grand Light Worker. Bringing a soft glowing light to the world, he reminds us of our inner radiance and connects us to the divine illuminated self. He invites us in faith to stand tall and proud and to shine in our own inner light.  
Each limited edition print is beautifully hand-finished by Jimmi using thick layers of metallic and irridescent paint, capturing the White Peacock's stunning glow. Printed on 100% cotton canvas and pinned to a timber frame, your personalised artwork comes individually signed and numbered by Jimmi.

The New Holland Honey Eater is a master pollinator, vital to the reproduction of over 100 Australian native plants through the plundering of bush flowers for nectar and the subsequent spread of pollen. Also highly protective of each other, when danger approaches a new holland honeyeater, a group of honeyeaters will form together and give a warning call to their friend. 
Our native honey eater holds a deeply co-operative spirit, not only toward her tribe but to the environment that supports her. She teaches us that we are all deeply connected, in isolation we are vulnerable, but together we thrive. 
Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic inks and comes hand signed and numbered by Jimmi