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Gift cards - The Whole Hearted - Galahs

Gift cards - The Whole Hearted - Galahs

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Talisman Bird Series Gift cards. 


According to Australian dreaming Galah’s breast is stained pink due to blood lost in battle. It is believed all Galahs carry the memory of both bravery and pain in their heart. 

Galah’s rose pink chest is also symbolically linked to the heart chakra, representative of love, self-compassion, trust and acceptance. Galah reminds us that when we live life whole-heartedly we will be provided with the opportunity to transform our pain into something of beauty. Galah reminds us to hold our bleeding heart with courage and self-compassion in order to fly free. 


The original of The Whole Hearted was illustrated in pastel, pencil and charcoal  taking great care to honour these delightful birds. 

Talisman words written by Sheridan Buscombe.


These gift cards are printed on 100% recycled card and come with envelopes.

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