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public art

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Weelan - Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo

Created for the WRAD Public Art Project. Huge thanks fo Geoff and the whole team at WRAD for the opportunity.

Weelan, the yellow tailed black cockatoo, is a significant totem or moiety ancestor for the Gunditjmara and Maar Nation people. This ancestral being is also known locally as Kapatj, Gamadj, Wilan and Wotan, the latter two being an imitation of its call. For Maar and Mara people, the call of the black cockatoo foretold the approach of friends. In documented Kee Wurrung meteorology, the dark segment of sky in blue-grey beneath the pink/orange antitwilight arch to the East is called Kappiheear puuron, or 'black cockatoo twilight'. These birds signify the coming of rain and are also believed to be the guides and guardians of the spirits of loved ones on their journey to rest amongst the Ancestors.

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Dad Emu​

an Augmented Reality Mural

Flaxman st / Otway Rd overpass

East Warrnambool 

The Emu Dad and his Chicks is one of several public artworks painted as part of #WildVsWarrnambool funded by the Victorian State Government's Pick My Project Scheme. 

This evolving mural was painted over many stages across several months; first the nest was painted, then the large green eggs, then the dad emu, then after 57 days, one by one the eggs hatched, then finally the native kangaroo grass and wattle tree were included.  

We captured each stage in photo, which has been put into a slow stop motion animation of sorts, and is now available for viewing on site in real time using the Augmented Reality App EyeJack. Visitors to the mural can use their smartphone or device, scan the QR code with their device's camera and watch the Augmented Reality video as an overlay on the mural.  Instructions as well as the QR code are available onsite, and a video of the process can be watched here.

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Video of the

EyeJack app's Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Instructions

Scan this QR code with your smartphone or device


Lismore Water Tower (Victoria)

In 2019, Jimmi was chosen to paint the Lismore Water Tower in Lismore Victoria. Depicting two dancing brolgas in a early morning misty field with three sheep. 

The water tower was painted in early 2020 and now forms part of the Australian Art Silo Trail. 

The project was proudly supported by GPG Naturgy Group, Corangamite Shire Council, Haymes Paints, Hire Australia and Fairway Coffee and Eatery Lismore.


"Gutsy" the Wombat

Created by me & saved by Phil Hoye

Watch the viral video created by Emily Bissland from ABC HERE

The now famous Warrnambool Wombat was created by me back in April 2018. I originally created it as a temporary chalk piece so I could practice for a separate 3D artwork I had been commissioned to do by Warrnambool City Council. 

I was going to leave it up for a few days and then wash it off, but then a local larrikin Phil Hoye snuck over and painted a clear coat over the top of it.


The full hilarious story can be seen below on the now viral ABC South West Video produced by Emily Bissland. 

The full story can be read HERE.

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Gutsy the Wombat

now available as a limited edition print HERE


MacKillop Family Services Mural

In February 2019 Jimmi completed a mural for MacKillop Family Services in Warrnambool.  The mural was to show the services in foster care and family support that MacKillop provides to the region. With this brief in mind, Jimmi came up with this concept, depicting a young girl entering through a hole in the wall of MacKillop to discover the beauty in Warrnambool.


Liebig Street Warrnambool

trompe l’oeil Kookaburras

The trompe l’oeil Kookaburras in Liebig street, Warrnambool were a collaboration between Jimmi and local artist Alara Harris. The piece depicts two kookaburras sitting atop the drinking fountain in the Main Street. The trompe l’oeil or illusion of the eye works from a single viewing point, where from any other point, the kookaburras seem stretched and misplaced.



3D trompe l’oeil Penguins & Fox

In June 2018, Warrnambool City Council commissioned myself and local artist Alara Harris to create a 3D artwork in a laneway as part of the Liebig street City Renewal Project.  The idea was to increase public interest and traffic into the alleyways and laneways behind the businesses that were affected by the street rebuild.  

We chose to create the story of Oddball, depicting an angry fox about to attack a little clutch of Warrnambool's local Fairy Penguins.

Located behind Fishtales cafe, the artwork is created in a way that when viewed from a specific location, the fox and penguins appear to be standing up, in 3D.

Visitors can place themselves between the fox and penguins, essentially making themselves Oddball (from the movie Oddball) and protect the penguins from attack.

In Spirit - Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

Ozone Walk, Warrnambool

The Ozone Walk Mural Project was first pitched as part of the inaugural Beers + Ideas place-making gathering at Super Kawaii Studios in Warrnambool in October 2017.

The striking Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo represents a powerful spiritual symbol in Australian Dreaming and is often associated with auspicious outcomes including emotional freedom, joy, contentment and rain.

The Black Cockatoo is considered a liberating energy, promoting a purity in expression and creativity whilst aiding in letting go of self judgement.  The Black Cockatoo teaches us that where we find our inspiration will be where we can fully connect to ourselves and be in true spirit.

A cockatoo pair will mate for life, which can be over 50 years, and they will care for each other into their old age, even after they can no longer reproduce. 
The male black cockatoo will dance to impress his mate by bopping his head like a hip-hop star and fluffing up his crest. He will also bring her food gifts, sing to her and preen her feathers to show his affection during the autumn breeding season. The female will often give the male a sharp peck for his efforts as if bringing him into line.

The Ozone Walk Mural Project "In Spirit" was made possible by the kind and generous support of Beers+Ideas, The Warrnambool Art Gallery, Warrnambool City Council, Hammonds Paints Warrnambool and Hire Australia Warrnambool.