Trick of the Eye
3D street art workbook

18 minute Video Tutorial for

Jimmi Buscombe's Trick of the Eye 3D Street Art Workbook

Video and photo examples

Hey all! 

Thanks so much for ordering one of my Trick of the Eye 3D street art workbooks! 

Here is an 18 minute tutorial video of me taking you through all the steps to create one of the artworks, as well as some photo examples of the ones we created when designing the book. 

There are some frequently asked questions here too, which will grow over time and will be directed by you guys.  So if you have a question or tip that doesn't yet appear here, please do  get in touch via my ​Contacts Form at the bottom of my home page and I will add it in!

Like all my 3D trompe l’oeil murals, these artworks look their best when viewed from a SINGLE viewpoint, which is why using a camera to take photos of your artworks works best.