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The Trick of the Eye 3D Street Art Workbook is the second in our series of Creative Workbooks. This workbook contains ten templates with detailed step by step instructions, showing you how to create your very own 3D Trick of the Eye chalk art pieces at your home on a driveway or footpath.  Along with the step by step instructions, I have also included a QR code link to my website where you can watch a video of me recreating one of the artworks, as well as photographs of my final results.

For more information, and to watch the 18 minute video tutorial, please click here

Trick of the Eye 3D Street Art Workbook

Stuck at home with the kids crawling the walls in boredom? Looking for a unique activity for all the family that is educational AND heaps of fun? Wanting to send a special gift to your grandkids, nieces or nephews that you dearly miss? Our family might just have the solution for your family!

Dreamt up at our kitchen table, Jimmi’s Trick of the Eye Colouring Workbook offers hours of creative fun. Not just an ordinary colouring book or a gimmicky app, this workbook brings all the magic of Jimmi’s much loved 3D street art and public art pieces straight into your home.

Includes a folio with 18 trick of the eye colouring worksheets, simple instructions, example photos and a message from Jimmi. Available as a digital download instantly delivered to your inbox for unlimited home printing, or a hardcopy printed workbook posted to your door (free shipping Australia wide).

Trick of the Eye Colouring Workbook

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